Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Eight Bells

The Eight Bells.
16-18 Church St.
(Formerly Norton Street).

'The Eight Bells', apparently formerly known as 'The Six Bells' was a pub that once stood in the houses of 16 & 18 on the Church Street.  First recorded in 1727, the history of the Eight Bells states that prior to 1969 the Hostelry was older than the 239 years recorded. One of its earliest records is from 1727, which details the sale of the premises by the Hitchin Brewer William Conquest, to the Baldock Victualler Isaac Anderson. Conditions of the sale were that one room would be kept and used as a bake house.

Recorded again in 1746 as the premises of the Baldock Brewer Robert Thurgood, it from here changed hands again to the Simpson’s Brewery and finally till its closure again to Greene King.

Closed down on Monday the 5th of September 1969 on the decision of the Landlord, Jack Derbyshire, to retire from his duties in the licensed trade.  It was according to a rumor of the time to be re-opened, back as a bar or as an off License, but after lying derelict for a number of years it was eventually sold by owners Greene King in 1977 as a private house.

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